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Memberships are now aligned with fiscal years, July 1-June 30.

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Membership is contingent upon approval of the VACRAO Executive Board.

Membership Categories

Virginia Members – Institutions of higher education may be considered for regular institutional membership if their central offices are located within the Commonwealth of Virginia and they are approved to award degrees by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Each institution has an unlimited number of members for an annual fee of $125.  Each voting member in good standing and present at the annual meeting shall be entitled to one vote in all matters coming before the membership.

Non-Virginia Members – Institutions that are not eligible for voting membership but that have purposes parallel with or related to those of VACRAO may be considered for associate membership. Institutions of higher education whose central offices are located outside the Commonwealth of Virginia or are not approved to award degrees by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, non-collegiate organizations, and others approved by the Executive Committee are eligible to join as Associate Members. Each associate member may have an unlimited members for an annual fee of $150. This membership is institutional and non-voting.

Corporate Members – Corporate membership is available to those organizations that provide products and services that assist and benefit Association members in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Each corporate member may designate two individual members for an annual fee of $375. Benefits include one registration and exhibit space at the annual meeting, one set of mailing labels of the membership, and opportunities for advertisements. This membership is non-voting.



Membership Benefits

VACRAO offers numerous professional opportunities and access to current and pertinent information on a wide range of topics.

  • Annual meeting every December
  • Newsletter produced three times a year
  • VACRAO listserv—an electronic network for information exchange
  • VACRAO home page with resources, contacts, and program announcements
  • Support Staff, New Counselor, and Special workshops
  • Virginia Tour & Roadrunner Gazette
  • Coordination of college day and night programs
  • Directory of the Membership
  • Opportunities to share experience, develop mentoring relationships, and serve in leadership roles
  • Professionals—both colleagues and Corporate Members—who can provide advice and assistance